Testimonials for Lindsay Spainhour Baker – Trauma First Aid Courses

“My husband and I took Lindsay’s first aid course, and we are so glad we did. Both of us had taken first aid courses in the past, but this class was different. Lindsay’s course stands head and shoulders above the rest, and we feel we have gained more knowledge and practical experience than ever before. Lindsay has CPR dummies in adult, child and infant sizes, which gave us the chance to get genuine and realistic hands-on practice with all the techniques she taught us. We found it particularly useful to practice CPR on the infant dummy – we really got a feel for just how different it would be to resuscitate an infant in an emergency. Lindsay keeps her classes small, which means that every participant gets ample practice time and one-on-one feedback. After completing the course, we immediately signed our nanny up to take it as well! It’s obvious that Lindsay loves what she does, and it shows in how she developed and led her course. I wholeheartedly recommend Lindsay’s course to anyone who wants to feel more confident and capable in the face of an emergency.” – Tara Wambugu, Mama Mgeni blog – www.mamamgeni.com

Testimonials for Lindsay Spainhour Baker – Breastfeeding Support

“I took a breastfeeding prep class with Lindsay a couple of months before our daughter was born. Lindsay covered a wide breadth of information in two hours, but more importantly she told us to reach out to her anytime we had questions or issues after the baby was born. She came to the hospital on Day 2 and was a huge support in what was a stressful situation since I had been separated from baby for 30 hours due to complications that I had as a result of childbirth. She helped us with the initial latching and gave advice on best positions after watching me try to feed the baby. When the baby was about 4 weeks old, I was still experiencing a fair amount of pain while BFing and also having some challenges with milk supply and pumping. Lindsay had travelled out of Kenya by then but was willing to do a Skype video chat with me. This was a very effective means of communication. Lindsay helped me think through the possible causes of my ongoing pain and encouraged me to talk to my ob/gyn about it in an upcoming appointment. She also gave me some good tips to optimize my pumping, including timing, frequency and environmental factors. Finally, she gave me advice on how to store pumped milk in the refrigerator and freezer in order not to spoil it. I am incredibly grateful for Lindsay’s support in those early weeks and am happy to say that at about 6 weeks, the pain went away, the milk supply came into balance and the whole process became much easier!”– Nina, new mum
“Lindsay recently counseled me when I was having some challenges breastfeeding my son. She has a wealth of knowledge and plenty of practical tips up her sleeve to help a mother through what I think is one of the toughest skills to learn as a new mum. Her friendly approach made me feel very comfortable and at ease, almost as if I had known her for years, and this helped to reduce the stress I was feeling. I was very grateful for Lindsay’s support and willingness to take time to make sure I was feeling confident that I could do what she had taught on my own. I would recommend her services to anyone (and I already have)!” – Joanna, new mum
Lindsay’s help was invaluable to me. I called her 2 weeks after I came home from the hospital with my first child. Breastfeeding can be so confusing and there is much more to know that one would think. Lindsay was so generous with her time, information and support and 8 months later my baby is still happily breastfeeding. Her services should be as mandatory as putting baby in a car seat as breastfeeding is something that is optimal for health and safety of a child if the mother and baby are able to do it. – Amy Selbach, new mum and owner of Taut Body Studio
It gives me gives me great pleasure to provide a testimonial for Lindsay. I have known her for several years. She has attended our clinic with her children and also provided excellent professional support as a breastfeeding counsellor to mothers in our clinic. I have received only positive feedback from mums who appreciated the initial free phone support call. Many of the mothers then went on to plan a consult with Lindsay. Her attention to detail, experience as a nurse and professionalism make her an ideal breastfeeding counsellor. The detailed phone feedback she provides me after a session with my patients adds to the quality of care we provide to breastfeeding mums. She recently participated in a breastfeeding training course as an instructor and trained our clinic nurse Rose. Our patients have also appreciated the extra skills Rose acquired and is now sharing. – Dr. Sidney Nesbitt, pediatrician
As a pediatrician, I cannot stress how much I value Lindsay’s support for new mothers requiring breastfeeding assistance. Her approach is kind, supportive and scientifically sound and has enabled many mothers who may otherwise have given up breastfeeding to continue to do so. The benefits of breastfeeding to both mother and baby are well-known but initial difficulties with breastfeeding are common. I would strongly encourage new mums to contact Lindsay for her excellent advice and support. – Dr. Rashnik Ghalay, pediatrician
I have worked with Lindsay for over a year now and I must say it has been fulfilling. Being a pediatrician, I come across many mothers who have difficulty in breastfeeding and I have used Lindsay’s services to help them. Most of the mothers achieve successful lactation as we advocate for exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months. – Dr. Bashir Admani, pediatrician