Trauma First Aid Course

Do you know what to do in the first minutes after an accident, before you call an ambulance, doctor or pediatrician?


We need to get more people “trauma first aid savvy”.

A 5 hour trauma first aid course is on offer covering adult, child and infant cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), burns, choking, bleeding and neck stabilization.  This 5 hour course is typically offered in two segments. For the first part of the course, we will cover infant, child and adult CPR/choking and everyone attending the course will get practical experience with CPR on different sized mannequins. For the second part of the course, we will do one hour of practicals again on CPR and choking and the remaining two hours will focus on burns, bleeding and neck stabilization (with lots of practicals). Pre and post tests are given for you to complete at home, in order to evaluate your learning during the course.

This course is offered in your space and at your convenience!

The course can be offered for between 6 and 12 people.  The course can be offered in one day or over two days.