Before baby arrives

“Did you wish that you knew more about breastfeeding and all that goes with it before your baby arrived (and before sleep deprivation took hold)?

Why is it that so many women choose to think about breastfeeding after the baby is born?
Here is a golden opportunity to join an informative and fun discussion on breastfeeding before the baby comes.

Some topics covered:

–     Simple tricks to keep plugged ducts & mastitis away
–     Easy steps to get the baby to latch well and prevent cracked nipples
–     Basic breastfeeding tips to remember in the first week after birth
–     How the family/partner can help when you are the only one producing milk

Email Lindsay now at to sign up for a two hour “Breastfeeding your Baby” class. Demystify breastfeeding and learn the techniques that will help you breastfeed your baby with confidence. Ideal for a first-time mom or those who’d like a better experience with a subsequent child. This class is for pregnant women who have not yet had their baby.